Thinking about selling your home?

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you along your way.

What is a Listing Agent?
That's ME! As your Listing Agent I will market your home, put it on the Multiple Listing System (MLS), be your adviser and advocate, negotiate on your behalf, review Purchase Agreement with you and walk the sales transaction through to closing. 
What is a listing agreement?
A Listing Agreement is a contract between you the seller, me as your Listing Agent and the MLS. The Listing Agreement discloses all relevant information about the property, any special showing arrangements (i.e. hours), amount you agree to pay in commission, duration of listing contract and permission to list your home.
Can I sell my home without an agent?
Sure you can! Selling your own home, also known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO), can generally be harder, more stressful, take longer and may not yield the price you were hoping for. Over 80% of homes are sold through a listing agent. The other 20% are mostly sold within already-established relationships such as family, friends and/or a tenant. 
Are there any other options for selling my home?
Yes. If you'd like to give FSBO a whirl, I can offer you a flat fee listing services. This is where I rent you a lock box and list your property on the MLS for a nominal fee. With this option, you still agree to pay the Buyer's Agent a commission - typically 3%. 
If you invest in me as your real estate professional the whole experience can be easy, stress-free, exciting and yield you a price that you'll be happy with. 
As my Listing Agent, what can you do for me?
• Assist you in determining the most marketable price for your home. What to know what you home is work today in this market? Click HERE and I will send you a detailed market analysis today! 
• Suggest improvement tips that will enhance the positive aspects of your home. 
• Professionally market your home.
• Develop substantial internet and social media exposure for your home.
• Create a professional MLS listing with beautiful photos of your home.
• Supply the real estate community (agents, brokers, appraisers, etc) with information on your home.
• Bring you qualified buyers.
• Host a broker open house (for agents only) and public open houses.
• Provide you feedback on your listing from potential buyers and Buyer’s Agents.
• Represent your best interests and consult with you regarding negotiation on all offers.
• Provide you with an estimated calculation of your proceeds from the sale (net sheet) when an offer is submitted and a final net sheet before closing.
• Foresee, mitigate and manage any issues that come up throughout the listing.
• Throughout the closing process I will assist in making sure that it goes smoothly and all your questions are answered.
• Provide a calendar of all important deadline dates throughout closing process. 
• I will educate, assist and advise you along the way to selling your home. 
• Build a trusting, respectful, educational and fun relationship with you.

Want to know more about the selling process? Let's get together for a cup of coffee and talk about it.